BlogchatterA2z, Z for Zen, To recall your zen values ❤❤


26 Shades and 26 Strokes of An Artist

Journey of zen values, that’s what I reaped from the BlogchatterA2z campaign. The happy ending is always a new beginning.

Rondeau Poetry form

Rondeau is a french poetry form composed of 15 lines, each of which contains 8 and 10 syllables.These poems are structured by fixed verse form divided into three stanzas and the opening phrase is repeated twice as the refrain.

Here are some excellent examples of Rondeau

Here is my take on the Rondeau poetry form. Hope you all like it. Various streams of poetry forms flow towards only density that’s the heart of the reader. This is my last post on BlogchatterA2z on Poetry forms. Thank you so much friends for all your incessant support and appreciation. It would have not been possible without you. Stay connected . ❤❤


Prayer for your incarnation,

Oh Lord Krishna.

To dissolve the darkness of the World,
Swallow the poison of contagion,
that has shattered and smashed the World,
To reform the spiritual and sequential destiny of mankind .

Call for your rebirth ,

Lord Jesus

For the resurrection,
to offer human salvation and eternal life to human race ,
Atone the sin to bring humanity on right path.

Urge for your manifestion

To send the messenger 
Profet Mohammed, to preach again ,
what God has revealed to him,
To bestow ,
Health in abundance,
Wealth in prosperity,
Life of sacredness in living.

Prayer for your incarnation,
Call for your rebirth ,
Urge for your manifestion


Thanks for the beautiful read friends. Your views and comments are much appreciated.

Much love and gratitude.
Stay Safe , Stay healthy.❤❤

This post is a part of the Blogchatter A2Z challenge

5 thoughts on “BlogchatterA2z, Z for Zen, To recall your zen values ❤❤

  1. The emergence of death
    and the withdrawal of all life
    The experience of grief
    and the transcendence of fear
    these are not accidents of man
    but messages of nature
    the voices of Allah / Jesus / Krishna
    reminding us
    that they reside in us as inner quiet
    amidst all the outer chaos

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    1. I agree. Sometimes Prayer is an outcome of fear, helplessness and surrender. The Whole World needs mighty souls and blessings.
      Thanks for your beautiful insights.😊

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  2. True Most
    Every Religion
    Has ‘A Great White
    Hope in Light’

    A Hero



    to: Return

    To Solve

    All The


    True It’s

    Up To

    All Of Us
    To Get This
    Job Done
    Now If
    Not Either




    Yes Both
    Fail Breath
    Of This Life Now🦅

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