Sunday brunch ❤❤

After watching the last episode of Kaun Banega karodatpati of Sudha Murthy, the chairperson of Infosys Foundation, Bangalore and the author of Kannada and. English books,

I would like to requote the words

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”

We insist on making life complicated.

It was a treat to watch her simplicity and transparency of nature. And happy to find that people still love the purest soul at the core of their heart.

Her translucent, enigmatic personality is irresistible. One can just be absorbed by her subtlety of nature.

Her no makeup, delicate dressing and relevant talks make her so admirable.

Her unending desire to serve humanity is the diadem of her beauty.

Her sense of youthful exuberance castes the shadow on every individual with the everlasting impression of humanity.

Her organic appearance and reply to every question were spectacular.

Great personalities with modest looks were all eager to see her and her performance as a guest. But she kept it to the simple most was the invincible warrior.

In this era of bragging, to find an organic personality is no less a phenomenal act.


Thanks for the beautiful read friends.

Your views and comments are much appreciated.❤❤

10 thoughts on “Sunday brunch ❤❤

  1. Sudha Aunty is always a best Icon to humanity. Seeing her achievements from decades there is absolutely no replacement to her from entire India its only one and its Her. The brain, the thoughts, planning and execution is so acurate every one must observe and learn such great smiles the happiness behind giving makes her the best ever. No words in general to explain and proud kanndiga and Indian. Cheers and happy to read your post. My appreciation.

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  2. I agree with you. Her humility and down to earth personality, inspite of all her achievements is something we should try to inculcate in our lives. People like her, APJ Kalam or Mother Teresa are humans with beautiful pristine souls 🙏♥️ I join you guys in the kannada club 😀

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