Self depreciating humour. Thursday Trench❤❤

Making fun of yourself or self-depreciating humour is one of the hardest practice and at the same time risky as well. Humour is a soothing act when played with unharmful purpose. Life’s intricacies are put on the lighter side when humour is added to your problems.

I have seen people around me with defensive humour and offensive humour.

Defensive humour: you come across a person where he or she always puts derogatory remarks and believe me the laughter is self-initiated and the rest follows. Sometimes it’s annoying and hurtful. Most of the time the feminine gender is the victim. As the dominance of the male gender is the obvious cause of some rural and underprivileged societies.

My interaction with rural women has revealed that they are forced to accept the humorous remarks made by their male members. And it acts as fancy talks and an entertaining part of the community.

My emphasis on this topic is not related to gender discrimination rather the weaker and self-depreciation and humiliation. How many of you agree that humour must be an entertaining activity and an unintentional act? Sometimes it becomes a silent killer for the person.
On the contrary humour in the right sense is a great healer of life.

Self-deprecating humour varies from the class of society. Celebrities and famous personalities make fun of themselves and it turns into a trending style.
Now a common man can definitely make fun of himself but at his own risk . Making fun of yourself is superficial and a quite confusing phenomenon. As an ordinary man already is exposed to many societal absurdities.

Nevertheless, it makes you feel low at times but it also elates your tolerance capacity.
So go easy with the life, feel lighter by self-deprecating humour.😄😄❤❤


21 thoughts on “Self depreciating humour. Thursday Trench❤❤

  1. I honestly don’t believe in male domination. They mostly look like they are women now. I even miss alpha male personality because it is not common in Australia for some reason, men sacred of women here. Anyway, any rude jokes from some men never hurt me, I really love them. I also can joke in the same manner with men which put me in the same level with them. One man asked me lately if I am same muscly inside of me. That was kind of rude but I answered him appropriately, saying that he has to be really careful so he may break something. 😂😂😂

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    1. Thanks for your insights. Glad to know about the freedom enjoyed by women in Australia. Hope for the better in India as well. Oh my! What a fantastic kick back answer 😄😂😂Enjoyed. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Yeah not to take oneself very seriously. A little bit of self poked fun will indeed lighten up several occasions. Just need to have the confidence to fo that.

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    1. Thanks for the read Santosh. 😊 yes need to be confident as it involves risk of self depreciation. Your subsequent visit will be much appreciated. .🙏😊


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