Lighter side.

As it is said, ” The memorable days are made with dirtest clothes, ” Do you agree with this qoute friends? Well today I wish to share my childhood memories so precious and uncunning .
I never used to shy away from my dirty clothes, muddy shoes and present myself as a sassy girl.
As soon as I entered the house I would get a hoarse sound of my Grandma not to touch any things and fly to the bathroom .
Inspite of many calls I used to resist and when I felt it would be a back pat I would make my way to bathroom. Now the stage is on and I am a player. Bucket, tumblers and soaps all were my puppets. I used to soap my body and dance like a lad and water was not that abundant those days so a bucket full of water, was the requirement of a one bath. So after the soaping and foaming, my next venture was to search for the tumbler with all my soapy eyes closed Indeed it was a Herculean act. All my poems were
in vain . The climax would be , the fall of the bucket and call of my Grandma…ha ha


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