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Meeting a friend after 20 years is like watching flash back of your life.
Reminiscing all the memories of childhood days and laughing for the sillest and funniest things we did ever.
Age gap has noticeably made our body unrecognizable but the spite within is untouched. We had a plan to meet at our usual coffee house and accordingly we converged as if we were going to appear for our higher secondary exams.
We were so exited to meet each other after so many years.
Why is that some memories are freezed in our mind ? The sweetest is the most cherished memory. Childhood days are carefree and unblemished.


Be my love #poetry bites.

Be my love and I will never let you bow,

Be my life and I will never let you perish,

Be my light, and i will never let you fade,

Be my inspiration and I will never let you fall,

Be my courage and I will never let you dread,

Be my fire and I will never let you extinct ,

Your love and my soul are merged into ecstasy where no boundaries are to be defined,

If earth and sky are our territory than why is the fire…….


This is one of my earlier piece of poetry,

Thank you friends for stopping by and reading my posts .

Your appreciation is my inspiration.

Ofcourse, suggestions and corrections are always welcome. Be with me. Love💛

Tuesday trench

Words are beautiful when positioned sensibly and relationships are beautiful when respected positionally…
Modernisation has eroded the sense of respect and affection towards our elder generation. Their advice holds no true to youngsters as they are the perfectionists with all digitally owned world.
Experience is the greatest lesson one can learn from our elders which no university can teach you.
Technology has become the forefront of today’s society. In the hustle and bustle of life elder have lost their identity. Their sacrifices have been taken for granted .
Elders presence is not appreciated but definitely their absence will create an unsubstitutional void in our lives . Before its to late , let’s respect them,
Appreciate them,
Take care of them,
Call them frequently,
Ask their advice,
Make them feel special,
Because they are the source of unconditional love.

Mysterious Sea

Mysterious sea

Walking across the beach is a whimsical best , revealing your secrets,

whistling the truths and deepest desire to the sea is my way of befriending sea.

sizzling sounds of waves are the reciprocity to my words .

I digg the sand and search for the hidden philosophy of life ,

Somewhere sometimes God has scribbled on the shells and placed them in a sea,

Again somersalting on silky sand I try to mimic the wavy move, curling around and unfolding,

Flabbergasted by the Sea’s deepest secrecy,

I wish to explore the one,
Ages of secrecies are embedded into Sea’s bounty,

The other world of watery plants, rainbow colour fishes, undiscovered entities make it more miserable.
Untraceable roots of sea are Man’s way to expedition,

I wonder at its vasticity, depth and boisterous moments.

……. GEETA.S.

Friday funda #Poetry #Love

Hey friends,
Have you ever thought, what makes you to pour your heart into poerty?
An ever lasting love, immortal souls, perennial fascination, crying of the soul, nature,
a magnificent piece of art, a heavenly beauty, lucid youth, marvellous figures of ancient history, fear, love , death , the list goes on , when put on papers become eternal.
Sometimes I am flabbergasted by the power of the words , creativity we are blessed with.
What an amazing poets we have witnessed, Shakespeare’s world is nonetheless the heaven recreated on earth by his love poetry. Love gets life when it’s put in Shakespeare’s words.
These few masterpieces of great works on this universe, which i cherish the most….

Poetry is

Feelings put together,

Experience explored,

Beauty personified,

Fear conquered,

Anger gruelled

Nature exploited,

Characters elucidated,

Solitude soliced,

Love romanced,

Last but not the least

Life lived…….


A tribute to soldiers.

Morning blues, beautiful sky, ozononic feel, mountain ranges, sense of security,
Among the loved ones, murky spikes of greenery, slithering into the serene beauty of nature,
oh ! I am alive, death has not swaddled me into its arms, No enemies around,
Is this a dream or a life come true ,
Is there some godly entity who holds my life into his breath,
Why do I experience this freedom around , have I paid for this freedom, or else some body has already paid, in terms of lives, sacrificed their love, affection, compassion, togetherness, luxury, youth and their soul . Suddenly I realise, it’s none other than our brave , stalwart and loinhearted soliders.
“Oh soliders, I owe my life to you,”

……… GEET.S