A snuggle from past to present .❤❤ #Monday Muses.

As my future posts will be on decluttering the past….

Here I go ….
Sometimes the scars cast the deepest wounds and the time to heal is expandable. In the primitive stage, you may find it harder to overcome the situation.

But as it is said,

Time is the greatest healer.

Precipitation of your bitter thoughts are under process.

The best catalyst that soothes your

mind is meditation .
Physical activities also add to your mental fitness. Busy yourself with the thoughtful activities and meanwhile, you are cheating your mind towards distraction.

During the transition period, you may experience the turmoil within.
These are some of the tips to heal yourself which may act as an instant tension relievers.

1 Listen to your favorite music, according to the latest research music soothes your soul. The musical notes are the vibes that creat positivity in your mind.

2 Gardening is the pleasant way to heal your stressed life. Experience the proximity towards plants and the environment around. The freshness of the soil is vitalizing.

3. Play with the children, nothing beats the enjoyment sharing with the little ones. The innocent soul keeps

you levitating around the happy world.


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Innocuous Quest.❤❤ #Saturday surge

My innocuous quest for your love,

That has feasted a stellar cast,

Admonishing the beautiful sky,

Our words of love all levitating around,

Adjudicating the prime facia love.

The cloud-capped mountains

shimmered in the haze,

Stood stealthy to be our love witness.

Your frozen silence, that led me to go blazes, go blazes.


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Its not my fault Papa ❤❤

How does one define education? The meaning of education is teaching, acquisition of knowledge, pedagogy, andragogy etc. But in the present scenario education has a different meaning. It is interpreted as competition, certification and scoring marks.
When you come out of a prestigious University or a school, you have to be accountable for your scorecard. It doesn’t matter whether you have gained the knowledge or not but all that matters is your high score certificate.

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“It’s not my fault Papa.💛” by geeta upase.
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Decluttering the past. Thursday trench. ❤❤

Hello friends, my future posts will be on how to declutter the past and free up your mind space. Hope you will enjoy the journey.

Decluttering the past.❤❤

I enter into the room,
Books all scattered and roaming around,

The unorganized desk designed to its zigzag pattern,

The shirt half hung and the twisted pants display a Michael Jackson’s prance,

Dried plates and tinted glasses with gleamy dust,

Rolling pans and rodent biscuits,
Half filled mugs and chocolates beside,
A velvet wallet with torn notes,
A colossus giant who never retires from his quenching thoughts all set to fire the room,

Oh, I suddenly wake up to my dreams to realise that, it is none other than my brain with the rodents of memories and my colossal past has made his dwellings for days and days.

What was that shit, all cluttered,
Who is ruling me, my past, my past?
Awaking to a new day decluttering my past to a pleasant present, pleasant present……


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Maa ❤❤ Wednesday wisdom

A short story, I think many of you can relate to this.. Love that never ends and hugs that never stops❤❤

Moring 9 am, my cell phone rings and I am busy with my routines, in a hurry, I lift the call and my Amma says, “Are you busy beta, shall I call you later”. Though she is aware of my routine she calls me to make sure I am all okay. And believe me, she understands my silence as well. But at times I am worried about my Amma’s empathetic nature and being extraordinarily forgiving.

People used to take undue advantage of her nature which bothered me the most. Years passed and to my amusement, the people who took disadvantage of her love, affection and forgiving nature were her prey of love. Unknowingly they were engulfed in her vicious flame of affection. I may sound little unrealistic but when you pour love and only love against hatredness, it nullifies the hatred.

Unfortunately, I am in her footsteps, I have inherited my Maa’s quality of forgiveness.

The incarnation of womanhood is nature’s act. The morals inculcated by my Maa are the assets which I would like to transfer it to my children. Nevertheless, the world is heading towards the unbalanced act of love. We as mothers should install love in the lives of our children and people around us. This is the greatest lesson learnt by my Maa. She has been my life navigator, my biggest source of inspiration and my dude to bear my tantrums.

But sometimes I see her shadow in me, slowly and steadily I am towards the path of becoming my Maa. I wonder when did this happen?

I can’t be the perfect Maa, but still, I thrive to be her. Though I am a mother of teenage children, still, need her hug and that good morning call. Love you Amma.❤❤

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Love 💛💛

Twists of Life ❤❤

What makes me fascinate may not be your muse.

What makes me bewilder, may be your compassion,

I wonder how life twists our tastes and caste our life so indifferently,

I am hollowed with the similar sketches like you,
I am filled with similar dilutes like you,
Still the disparities,

I wonder how life twists our tastes,
My birth is not my right neither my death,

I come with no assets and I go with no additions, still the dissimilarities.

Who so ever has bagged the wealth in the illusion of filling his carryall,

Has astonishingly left the life behind.
I wonder how life twists our tastes…..


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